Why delegate to Norse-Pools? We’d be lying if we said our up time is 100%. Majority of the servers in the world cannot claim this. Since both RAGNAROK and FENRIR pool servers are apart of the Shelley test-net, network connectivity along with other unknown bugs will cause various up time difficulties or impacts. What we can promise is that the server and it’s maintenance will be operated by two highly enthusiastic team players who are passionate about Cardano, the foundation and ADA (the cryptocurrency).

One of our aims has already been completed and that is to migrate FENRIR to Sweden, which was completed on 19/01/2020. Ragnarok is now primarily a pre-production pool for testing.

FENRIR (Production)

Server one: FENRIR
Ticker: FNRIR
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Scale-Set: 2vCPU, 8GB RAM, UL Pipe Throughput
Output: 71GB/day
Input: 6.5GB/day
Tax: 4%
Purpose: To complete blocks for the ITN for Cardano Delegations and Stakes
Maximize ROI for delegates whilst maintaining a high availability and 
accessibility pool.

RAGNAROK (Pre-Production)

Server two: RAGNAROK
Ticker: RAGNA
Location: OSLO
RAM: 8GiB 
Tax: 10%
Purpose: Pre-Production, environment, script, upgrade testing